A new generation of bathmats

With his many years of experience in the industry of flooring Peter Zenker was faced with a difficult task: He was dissatisfied with the available synthetic fiber solutions that should make the bathroom floor more comfortable. Of course, he could remove the tiles from his bathroom and a lay a teak floor as they are found on the upper deck of yachts. That would be completely hypoallergenic, very pleasant and due to the teak wood a durable and luxurious comfort for many years. But what would he do in the event of a move? He decided that he needed a more flexible solution with the same advantages. So in his Austrian factory he developed the teak bath mat to perfection. He uses original teak wood because it dries very quickly and so germs and bacteria don't stand a chance. Also due to the choice of this material, each piece is an absolute unicum. Patented. Handmade 100% in Austria.

World first

The natural product "wood" conveys warmth and comfort like no other material. With such a natural product, a carpet made of synthetic fibers can not measure. Carpets need a lot of detergent, water and electricity in order to clean them at least for a short time, the teak bath mat is only wiped from time to time with a damp cloth.


All joints are both UV and salt water resistant. You can use the teak bath mat with your underfloor heating without any concerns. The low installation height of only 7mm and the peripheral gumming ensure that no risk of injury to your toes or feet may arise. The authenticity of your teak bath mat is ensured by an embedded serial number.

Highest demands

Which other material is pleasant even if it is wet, does not slip and dries quickly on its own? With the teak bath mat no washing & hanging resp. drying is necessary. No more sticking of lint and dust as from carpets. The robo vacuum cleaner easily drives over the teak bath mat and does not get caught in it.